Myles Lyngh Q&A Aug. 23

Myles Lyngh / Roncalli, Sr., football

(Note: Lyngh sustained an elbow injury in the preseason and is expected back in Week 6, when the Rebels play at Fishers.)

What’s been your biggest surprise training and practicing as a member of a state championship football team?

I got out of breath quickly because I wasn’t used to wearing all of the equipment. But I found a bigger love for the sport because I started playing it again.

What were your biggest hurdles to getting in shape and learning the plays?

Probably just learning all the plays and developing my football common sense the best I could. It’s awareness and knowing what to do in certain situations.

What is your least favorite part? Or what has been the hardest?

It’s definitely more time-consuming than basketball was.

You said you didn’t want to have any regrets about not playing football, even though you are already a Roncalli athlete. What were you afraid of missing out on?

I didn’t want to not play it and then never know whether I had a passion for football. But I do. I really like it.

What’s it going to be like when you make that first reception of the season?

I think it will be awesome. I’m definitely going to be real excited to come back. I really want to be out there.

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