Nick Wilson Q&A – August 22

Take us through a typical week or day of practices. How many hours a day are you practicing for soccer and cross-country?

It’s soccer every day, because it’s more based on chemistry. On Tuesday and Thursday I run from 6 to 7 in the morning with the cross-country team. We run about 4 miles. On Monday and Wednesday I usually run a little bit after soccer practice to get my miles in.

How does this fit in around classes, homework, etc.?

I spend all my homeroom period doing homework. I just have to manage my time, but I’ve kind of gotten used to doing that through the years.

How much do you have to eat per day to fuel your body? What are you eating?

I’ll have a big meal for breakfast and a pretty big lunch. I pack peanut butter sandwiches, bananas and protein bars. For breakfast I’ll normally eat eggs and a peanut butter sandwich or a bagel or trail mix.

How much sleep are you needing?

I try to get seven to eight hours a day and then catch up on the weekends. And I take a lot of naps at home.

What about the wear and tear on your body, recovery time and muscle exhaustion?

It hasn’t been bad so far, but it’s early in the season. I try to stretch a lot because it’s pretty helpful, and I ice my calves and quads a lot. We play Carmel in soccer on Thursday, have a cross-country meet Friday and another soccer match on Saturday. But I enjoy both sports and being part of both teams.

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