Tatiana Andrade Q&A

What has the hardest part of your training been?

Definitely being able to hold my speed and to keep my head in the game. But I have my teammates with me, and I’m able to pace with them.

You ran competitively last week for the first time since your freshman season. What was your goal and did you accomplish it?

I am the fifth-place runner on our team, so my goal was to stay up with out fourth-place runner, Lauren Spencer. Around the 2K mark she got ahead and I kind of lost her. For my first meet, I was OK with it.

What do you love about running?

(Laughing) It’s a love-hate relationship. I start to like it more in late September because of the weather, but I do like competing all of the time.

What do you hate about running?

I don’t like the beginning of the season because of the times, and the weather is awful.

Is there a particular course you look forward to running this season?

I really like the Franklin course because it has some hills and you run on a dirt trail in the wooded part of it.

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