Letter: Columnist triggers ‘Password’ memories

To the editor:

I enjoyed the “Password Predicament” article by Janet Hommel Mangas (“Password predicament has columnist feeling paranoid,” Aug. 5).

She brought back some memories of the TV show “Password,” starring Allen Ludden who was married to Betty White. My wife and I were in New York City and got a chance to attend one of the “Password” show’s tapings.

They actually taped two shows that sitting. In between shows they chose my wife to come up on stage and help entertain the audience for a few minutes. They gave her $20 and a password!

She would give a clue to the audience and if they did not guess it correctly, she had to give $2 back to Allen Ludden. They guessed it on her second clue so she got to keep $18. Then, Allen asked if her husband was in the audience. She pointed to me and I got introduced and met him personally. Great memory. Thanks for mentioning him in the article!

Nick Johnson

White River Township,