Damaged Edinburgh building to be razed

A century-old, dilapidated Edinburgh building will be torn down in the next several months.

The two-story brick building at 108 S. Holland St. had been used as temporary housing for workers since it was built more than a century ago. But a wall collapsed last year, and the owner, who was unable to make repairs, donated the property to the city after it was condemned, town manager Wade Watson said.

The town council approved demolishing the building, which will cost less than $25,000. The town is negotiating with a contractor for the work, which will be completed this fall, he said.

When the building was constructed isn’t known. The town’s earliest maps, which date back to 1886, have the building listed on them, Watson said.

Unlike other older, brick buildings in Edinburgh, the walls were built two bricks wide rather than the standard three-brick wide walls elsewhere in the town. That, along with a poor quality of brick, contributed to one of the walls collapsing last year, Watson said.

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