Letter: Time for Democrats to stop standing in Trump’s way

To the editor:

The liberal democrats have one major project today, and that is to impede our president so he cannot succeed with his programs and his duties. They try to keep him and his family busy so he cannot address problems like North Korea, health care, immigration, etc., which are so very important.

Our CIA chief has said that North Korea needs a regime change and I believe he is right. In the old days we would have in gone and changed it for them. Another plus for the old days. It would look like the top military and government officials in North Korea would wise up and realize if he attacks the U.S. that our retaliation will leave them all dead in a very short time.

All they need to do is remove Kim Jong Un and replace him with someone who is willing to acknowledge how dangerous their current course is to themselves and the world. On immigration, the president is protecting us by trying to prevent fatal terrorist attacks, like in several European countries, by limiting immigration from the most likely countries that produce them.

Yes, I realize not all Muslims are terrorists.

Health care makes everyone nervous wondering who will get the shaft and there are no easy answers. All Trump haters talk about is that there were some conversations between the Russians and us instead of talking important issues.

We should be talking to the Russians, after all they have 2,700 nuclear weapons and I imagine they are all pointed at us. Try helping our country by working together for a change and solving these critical problems and let’s see what happens.

Forrest Chambers

Center Grove area, Greenwood