Letter: Trump’s America of, by, for people

To the editor:

This is in reference to a letter from Donald Smith, published in the Aug. 1 Daily Journal (“Ordinary people need to fight back”). 

The letter — given content to follow — would have been more accurately rendered a “Ornery (‘ugly disposition’) people need to fight back!”

Lest you forget the disrespectful verbiage tainting this letter to the editor, review it here:

“…we have a billionaire autocrat* who flaunts every boundary of conflict of interest, corruption, personal decency and respect for the office of president in a way that no prior Republican or Democratic leadership would have permitted to carry their party’s label.”

Autocrat? That’s “one who rules by inherent right, subject to no restrictions.” Certainly an inaccurate and inappropriate word choice by Mr. Smith; but he continues unabated…

“The lack of personal integrity and lack of compassion for their constituents and lack of respect for their trusteeship of this great country and its resources make the current crop of Republicans unfit to govern.”

Nary a comma to be found in that 35-word diatribe (“a bitter and abusive denunciation”). Want to bet this writer is a Democrat? Well, you likely win!

When will Democrats in general, and Mr. Smith, as well as some Franklin College academics and trustees, (recalling prior columns in this space) finally face up to the stark reality, they lost the presidential election.

And in President Donald Trump, America has found a bona fide leader who’s restoring our American culture, reversing wealth redistribution schemes of the Obama administration, reducing illegal immigration into the U.S. and strengthening our weakened military with dollars and personnel policy changes that make perfect sense to combat veterans like me!

This welcome reality underscored by the words of Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of NRA, writing in the August edition of American Rifleman, “The (this) election was about returning to what President Abraham Lincoln described as the vision of the founders — a government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people.'”

George Allen