Marriage Licenses – August 11

Marriage licenses

Laurie Raley and Wesley Thomas, both of Greenwood

Ann Kish and Randall Smith, both of Greenwood

Devin Mullins and Zachary Syra, both of Whiteland

Benjamin Wheeler and Alexandria Combs, both of Greenwood

Traci Monday and Daniel Scott, both of Franklin

Hannah Macy and Alexander Watkins, both of Greenwood

Samuel Geddie of Indianapolis and Melissa Callahan of Greenwood

Alannah Bartee and Ty Rosenbaum, both of Franklin

Karen Boggs of Franklin and Michael Srbljan of Springfield, Illinois

Adam Kocken of Indianapolis and Anna Johnson of Greenwood

Lauren Martz of Greenwood and Frank Woods Jr., of Indianapolis

Brandon Parton and Hallie Duhamell, both of Nineveh

Clinton Plake of Greenwood and Kaitlin Driscoll of Urbana

Ashlynn Nance and Johnathan Grimes, both of Greenwood

Logan Jones and Anthony Scott, both of Franklin

Amy Hall and David Waterfield, both of Greenwood

Jonathan Heise and Sara Schluge, both of Greenwood

Shayla Aleem and Steven Piper, both of Greenwood

Amanda Shelton and Jerry Jones, both of Franklin

Matthew Huffaker and Ayla Hardy, both of Franklin

Vickie Foltz and Richard Guipe, both of Greenwood

Anthony Urquhart and Nikki Bumpas, both of Greenwood

Nancy Micks and Jarred Flores, both of Greenwood

Nathan Willusz and Blair Nassif, both of Whiteland