Letter: Column disrespectful to voters, President Trump

To the editor:

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” A quote from an old movie.

That is how I feel after reading the opinion column by Dan Thomasson in the Daily Journal on July 17. (“Past presidents swore to defend Constitution not condemn it”)

Mr. Thomasson called the people who elected Donald Trump a mob. His description of a group of several million American voters is not conforming to the standards of a person with 65 years of experience in journalism.

I believe in the free press, as as long as the statements are true and opinions are based on direct proof or knowledge. The word mob suggests a large disorderly crowd, or a organized gang of criminals. These descriptions are degrading to the Americans who voted for Trump.

The point of the column was to make others angry and I’m sure that was accomplished through practice and training. I don’t feel I’m a member of a mob, especially coming from a critic who gives opinion on certain facts, but not amounting to sure knowledge.

Just think for a minute, if he would write just one column about the positive side of President Trump, it may make him a better person in the eyes of Trump supporters. Maybe if he and other journalists would write about the fact that the American economy seems to be taking off since his election, and consumer confidence is at the highest level in 17 years, and 863,000 jobs have been created in his first six months and the stock market rally has been the second-largest since John F. Kennedy was in office.

Also, there is the choice and appointment to the Supreme Court, the trips to improve relations with allied countries, the pipe line, immigration and so on.

Mr. Thomasson apparently has not been listening to all the news.

So, stop the name-calling and start writing positive news about President Trump and join the people who are going to “Make America Great Again.”

Conrad Swails