Marriage Licenses – August 4

Marriage licenses

Paul Ludlow and Alyssa West, both of Greenwood

Michael Morgan and Shana Mann, both of Greenwood

Robert Thomas and Elizabeth Farlow, both of Greenwood

Aaron Cox of Indianapolis and Libby Sisson of Greenwood

William Fischer and Amy Allison, both of Greenwood

Heather Ballart and Ladislao Villarreal III, both of Greenwood

Erin Evans and Donald McElwain, both of Franklin

Amanda Brunck and Lawrence Perkins, both of Greenwood

Emma Barth and Eddie Ramirez, both of Greenwood

Katrina Durbin and Dustin Dooley, both of Bargersville

Aaron Shafer and Judith Ackerman, both of Greenwood

Elisa Keeton and Ricky Edwards, both of Trafalgar

Allison Schifeling of Greenwood and Tyler MIlls of Fishers

James Dunlop Jr. and Nicolle Kiel, both of Greenwood

Christy Walton and Michael Stammer, both of Greenwood

Katherine Vanbuskirk and James Skirvin, both of Nineveh

Carolyn Moore and Justin Ray, both of Trafalgar

Elaine Harvey and Christopher Fritz, both of Bargersville

Kristen Armes of Greenwood and John Chiafos of San Diego, California