Hearts & Darts – July 31

  • Northwood of Franklin Apartments residents thank all of the responders who assisted July 11 with the flooding at Northwood. They were able to take a few residents out who had medical concerns. Residents thank them for their kindness.

Wendy Sanders,

service coordinator


the residents of

Northwood of Franklin

  • Thanks to the Johnson County road department for much-needed repairs in Park Forest. My street was without curbs an in disrepair. Your work on my street, including repaving and construction of new curbs, is a plus to this area. Your department and sub-contractors’ work is much appreciated.

Carol Lower


  • Gateway Services sends hearts to all of our awesome volunteers who helped make our 45th annual Lemon Shake Up Fundraiser at this year’s Johnson County Fair such a success. On July 14, volunteers squeezed over 13,000 lemons at our annual sqeeze-a-thon at First Christian Church in Bargersville. Then during the week of the fair, over 200 volunteers sold nearly 5,000 lemon shakeups at our booth and we want them all to know how much we appreciate their support of our agency.

Becky Allen


Gateway Services