Local deputy involved in shooting

Johnson County reservist fires weapon at suspect on scene in Southport

When he saw the accident scene on the side of the road, a reserve Johnson County Sheriff’s Office deputy stopped to see if he could help.

He wasn’t on duty but has a nursing background and wanted to see if anyone in the upside down vehicle needed medical treatment.

That’s when shots rang out, striking Southport Police Department Lt. Aaron Allan and killing him.

The reserve deputy pulled his own weapon and returned fire, along with a Homecroft Police Department officer who had also stopped to help. One of the people in the vehicle was shot, and both that person and another person in the vehicle were taken to Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis.

On Friday, police said they had arrested 28-year-old Jason Brown in the shooting death of Allan. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is continuing to investigate the shooting.

The sheriff’s office also will do its own investigation into the shooting by the reserve deputy, and will eventually have a review hearing once that investigation is complete, Sheriff Doug Cox said.

Cox said the sheriff’s office would not comment on the investigation, and any information about the case would need to come from Indianapolis police.

The reserve deputy, who was not in uniform and was in his personal vehicle, was not identified.

Indianapolis police continue to investigate the shooting that happened about 2:30 p.m. near the intersection of Madison and Maynard avenues in the Homecroft area on the southside.

Allan had been called to an accident with an upside down vehicle. As he came up to the vehicle, someone inside began firing shots, striking Allan at least once, according to a news release from Indianapolis police.

Allan, 38, was taken to Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis, where medical workers tried to save his life, but he died, the release said. He had worked for Southport police for nearly six years and had more than 20 years experience in law enforcement, the release said.

Police have not released the name of the other person in the vehicle. One was being treated for injuries from the accident, and another from being shot, the release said.

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