More than 50 residents of one Center Grove area neighborhood had damage from the flood earlier this month.

The Brentridge Estates neighborhood, off Morgantown and Olive Branch roads, has flooded at least three times since 2008, homeowners associate president Roberta Smithey said.

Despite more rainfall happening during previous floods, this flood was the worst. In the midst of the storm, a tree from a house near the neighborhood fell across power lines, causing residents at the front of the neighborhood to be without power for nearly seven hours.

While many of the residents had sump pumps to help when water levels rose, they didn’t work because they had no electricity. The neighborhood is near the Greenwood sanitation lift station, so the water in the homes wasn’t just rainwater, it was also sewage water.

Even without the electricity issue, Smithey said many of the homes would still have flooded, a problem which leaves her frustrated.

“We have talked to multiple people from multiple municipalities about the flooding issue and we still haven’t gotten any help,” Smithey said. “What else can you do? We’ve talked to everyone and there is still no hope.”