When water began to creep into a Bargersville business during flooding earlier this month, employees raced into action.

After it became clear that heavy rains that Wednesday morning were not going to relent, family members and employees at Cabinets by Nichols began taking everything they could off of the floor and onto conveyor belts or blocks to prevent them from getting wet, owner Bob Nichols said.

Their efforts prevented any serious damage.

“We waited for the water to go down, squeegeed, swept, vacuumed. It took a day or two, and we got it cleaned up,” Nichols said.

The inch or two of water that got into Cabinets by Nichols, a family-owned furniture business near downtown Bargersville, was far short of the flood in 2008, which left 15 inches of water inside the factory and showroom, but it was still incredibly unusual, he said.

The century-old building had never flooded prior to 2008, and now, with the heavy rains earlier this month, it has flooded twice in less than a decade, Nichols said.

However, with future developments planned nearby, he is hopeful that heavy rains will soon no longer pose a flood risk. A housing subdivision planned just north of the furniture store will include new stormwater drainage, which will take water that otherwise would have come south to his property and send it north instead, he said.

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