2 feet of water in town hall

Decades old records had to be tossed after water got into the basement of the Trafalgar town hall after heavy rains led to widespread flooding earlier this month.

Besides old records, furniture and computer equipment was also damaged after 2 feet of water flooded the basement of the town hall on State Road 252, clerk-treasurer Donna Moore said.

None of the records that were lost were recent, and Moore doesn’t expect any problems due to losing them.

The issue of storing records is one Moore has brought up in the past, and the town is looking at where those types of records should be stored.

The town needs to look into why the flooding happened and take steps to make sure records aren’t lost if it occurs again, council member David Moore said.

The building, a former Masonic Lodge, was purchased and renovated by the town in 2010 for $550,000.

While 2 feet of water got inside the basement, the problem may have had more to do with a clogged drain than just the heavy rainfall the county received, Moore said.

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