The Suds drive-in restaurant vandalized

After being vandalized twice in the past month, a downtown Greenwood business owner is taking steps to try to catch the people responsible for damaging his restaurant.

John Wagner, a co-owner of The Suds, an old-fashioned drive-in restaurant on Market Plaza, said the two vandalism incidents in the past month have left him frustrated. Now, he plans to set up security cameras to catch any future vandals.

Toward the end of June, vandals stole a fence, broke some glass and ripped up a tablecloth, Wagner said.

Last week, vandals struck again, this time knocking over the restaurant’s bear statue, breaking some wooden crates and tore up a table, he said.

Wagner is looking into whether any nearby businesses have security footage that shows the vandals to give to police so they can investigate. The incidents have not been reported to police, according to the police department.

Earlier this month, another downtown building, Polk Place, was hit by vandals who spray-painted crude messages on its walls.

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Jacob Tellers is a reporter at the Daily Journal. He can be reached at or 317-736-2702.