Police: Man battered woman, child

A Franklin man was arrested after police said he choked and hit his girlfriend and injured a child who tried to intervene and help her mother, according to a Franklin police report.

Ryan Tidwell, 32, was arrested on charges of domestic battery, strangulation and battery.

His girlfriend reported at 9:48 p.m. Thursday that he began hitting her and placed his hands around her neck and choked her, the report said.

While strangulation means the act of killing by squeezing the throat, Indiana law defines it as intentionally applying pressure to another person’s throat or obstructing their nose or mouth.

The incident started when he became upset because he couldn’t find his phone charger, the report said.

Tidwell then dragged the woman through the house by her hair. An 8-year-old girl tried to push Tidwell off of her mother. He then grabbed the child by her arm and held her against the wall, according to the report.

The woman and her three children ran out of the front door when the mother and child got free. All three children witnessed the attack. The child had some jaw swelling and scratches, and the woman had redness and red marks on her neck and chest, had difficulty swallowing and had a raspy voice, according to the report.

Tidwell was handcuffed and began yelling obscenities and threatening the officers, the report said. Police had to use additional restraints, the report said.