On your mark, get set, milk.

A local high school principal won a popular contest at the fair with four pounds of goat milk.

Six local high school principals participated in Thursday night’s Celebrity Goat Milking Contest. The contestants had 10 minutes to get as much milk out of their goat as they could. A 4-H member was beside them in case the goat got rowdy but was not allowed to assist in the milking process.

Fans clapped and cheered as they supported their school. First place went to Indian Creek High School Principal Luke Skobel. Greenwood Community High School Principal Todd Garrison took second place.

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“I practiced as much as I could by milking as many animals around the southern part of the county as I could,” Skobel said jokingly. “It feels great to be a winner.”

Skobel took home a mini milk bucket trophy and a champion banner.