Former employee asked to repay $11,000

A former Edinburgh golf course employee who pleaded guilty to stealing money is now being asked pay back more than $11,000.

Ethan Duke, of Columbus, was sentenced to 511 days of home detention in a Shelby County court last year. He also was ordered to repay the Timbergate Golf Course.

A supervisor confronted Duke about the theft in 2015, when another employee had noticed a discrepancy in the cash amounts from registers of the snack bar and pro shop. A state audit found Duke had stolen about $3,700 from the golf course. He had previously been required to pay back the stolen money, as well pay $800 to cover the cost of the audit.

Now, the Indiana Attorney General has filed a complaint in Johnson County, asking that Duke be required to pay an amount equal to triple what was stolen, which totals more than $11,000, a news release said.

The golf course is owned by the town, and Edinburgh has used taxpayer dollars to assist with running the golf course, including paying off debt related to the course’s construction.