Honey, pecans and lotions are just a few locally-made items fairgoers can pick up this week.

Christina Hunter, owner of Hunters Honey Farm, can be seen showing customers all the uses honey can have. She enjoys taking her products to fairs and festivals.

“I absolutely love talking to customers and the public, and educating them about honey,” Hunter said. “It’s a lot of fun, and I learn things from them, too.”

Hunter and her husband run about 500 hives and try to produce anything they can.

“Our items are homemade, and that really adds value,” Hunter said. “Plus, because we have a lot of bees, we are able to not just make main products, like honey itself, we are able to have specialty products like honey-roasted almonds.”

Aside from spending the week at the Johnson County fair, the Hunters also visit the Morgan County fair, Indiana State Fair and three farmers markets a week.

“We stay busy, but the customers make it worth it,” Hunter said.

With 21 different flavors of all natural syrups, Cathy McCowm stands at her booth, Cathy’s Hoosier Sugar Daddy Syrups, ready to let anyone try them.

“It’s good on everything, and I mean everything,” McCowm said to a customer.

Her syrups are said to be good for anything from french toast to being used as a meat glaze.

The syrups are all natural, have no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup and are made with pure cane sugar. McCown is proud of the item she sells, she said.

“Not only are they great to eat, they’re not terrible for you,” McCown said. “My favorite part is definitely the look on the faces of customers after they try them and realize they’re all natural.”