Letter: Democrats should leave Trump alone

To the editor:

The Democrats in Congress are playing the ugliest version of politics today. Rep. Brad Sherman’s introduction of the Articles of Impeachment against President Trump have reached a new low of absurdity, but this is by design.

Democrats in Congress do not actually believe the president is impeachable, rather, they are using half-baked Russian narratives and protracted “investigations” to try to not only build momentum in their base for 2018; but to also shake the loyalty of vulnerable congressional Republicans when it comes to supporting the president’s agenda.

In short, they are using a disinformation campaign to obstruct the very platform the American people voted President Trump in to enact.

We who sought conservative representation after eight years of the Obama administration have to stand with the president and remind democrats in Congress that distraction is not leadership and working tirelessly to ensure the failure of an American president is also working toward the failure of our country.

With the fluid situations in North Korea, Syria and the South China Sea and as domestic issues like Obamacare continue to plague citizens, it is amazing democrats even attempt to justify their 2018 long-game instead of going to work for the American people on the serious issues of our time as we have elected them to do.

I, for one, am sick of it.

Ryan Secord