Traffic cones, coffee cans and PVC pipes are transformed into percussion instruments for a musical concert at the Johnson County fair.

The men behind them making the rhythmic sounds: The Dumpster Drummers based out of Fort Wayne.

“We just really like to bang on stuff and the rhythm that comes with it,” band member Larry Ford said. “And we of course like to teach kids.”

Dumpster Drummers is an interactive, educational group that teaches kids about recycling and environmental conservation in a fun way. They travel to schools for workshops and to promote recycling programs.

“We want to encourage kids to keep the earth clean,” Ford said. “Kids love our music and are surprised by how good everything sounds together.”

The Dumpster Drummers had a free concert at the fairgrounds, then took their talents to the midway. Walking around, beating on anything from a trashcan to a 5-gallon water jug, they received peculiar looks, but nearly all seemed to enjoy the sounds.

“This is really cool,” Isiah Jones, 9, said. “I want to make music at home.”