Pulling a wagon full of ice and three of his buddies, Cayman Stevens is still full of energy, despite the long hours and hot temperatures he endures during the week of the fair.

Stevens, a Whiteland Community High School senior, and members of Whiteland’s FFA deliver ice to dozens of vendors. When a vendor, such as a lemon shake up stand, is in need of ice, they call Stevens and his friends and they make a delivery within minutes.

“As soon as people call in, we take their order, get it prepared, then take off,” Stevens said. “It’s a lot of fun to be out here and see a lot of different people.”

FFA member Matthew Meyer answers the phone and writes down the order. Stevens hops in the ice truck and throws the ice down to one of his other friends, who puts it in the wagon. They grab the keys to the mower carrying the wagon, and they’re off, ready for another delivery.

Whiteland FFA makes about $2,000 out of each truck of ice they sell. Each year they sell between two and three trucks full, making up to $6,000. The money made goes to fund conferences, trips and learning opportunities for the students.

“This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and it really helps us out a lot,” Stevens said. “This fundraiser lets us have a great time and learn a lot during the school year.”