Marriage Licenses – July 14

Marriage licenses

Dominique Major and Jason Whitaker, both of Greenwood

Steven Phair and Shelby Ogle, both of Franklin

Kaitlyn Ruddick of Mooresville and Mark Ralph II of Greenwood

Jennifer McIntosh and Jeremy Blaker, both of Greenwood

Emily Ables and Cody Bledsoe, both of Franklin

Haley Gahimer and Corey Burton, both of Edinburgh

Stacy Brock and Robert Christie, both of Franklin

Kimberly Chapin and Mitchell Gonwa, both of New Whiteland

Joshua Mullins of Scottsburg and Blair Ude of New Whiteland

Tesa Miller and Brandon Hallgarth, both of Franklin

Elizabeth Fields and Justin Schulz, both of Greenwood

Emily Wood and Salvador Sandoval, both of Greenwood