Several Johnson County government offices are closed today due to flooding.

The offices that are closed are located in the west annex building, at 86 W. Court St. The health department, planning and zoning, surveyor, commissioners, auditor, treasurer, recorder and assessor offices were closed Wednesday, and remain closed today.

Water levels rose Tuesday evening, prompting officials to close part of U.S. 31 and Jefferson Street. The waters had receded by Wednesday morning.

Two to four inches of water flowed into the west annex building, but has since been removed, county commissioner Brian Baird said. Workers are using dehumidifiers and sand to dry out the building.

The building is closed to the public and employees are not working. County officials will decide at noon today whether to re-open Friday, Baird said.

No equipment was lost, Baird said. Any paperwork on the ground might have been ruined, but file cabinets and records were saved, he said.

Clean-up crews also were at the north annex, located across from the Johnson County Courthouse on Jefferson Street, on Wednesday because some water got in the basement, where the county maintenance director and assistant offices are housed. The water has been removed and fans are running.

Johnson Superior Courts 2 and 3 are housed on the other levels of the building, and those courts are open and operating as normal, Baird said.

The county highway crews were surveying roads for any damage, and so far had located one small road collapse.

A small area, barely more than one foot, on the side of one rural county road had collapsed, Baird said. No other road, bridge or culvert damage had been discovered.