Letter: City needs to finish walking trail system

To the editor:

I wanted to piggyback off the letter to the editor on July 4. Mr. Bob Seifker (“Pedestrians need crosswalks on busy roads”) is right about the dangerous crossings around the city.

I want to address specifically Greenwood, now that I am living here. If I could sum it up in one sentence, I would say that the Greenwood trail system is incomplete to say the least.

I see several problem areas as I walk around the city. Lack of continuation of trail/sidewalk is one of them. Try to go around Valle Vista and back down Main Street through town and you’ll find several missing sections of nothing but property owners’ yards with no sidewalk. Also, the lack of upkeep on some of the pathways is shabby.

Try walking down a section of sidewalk on Smith Valley Road across from the post office and you’ll find a drainage pipe that comes out onto the sidewalk and there is always mucky water coming out of it. It has created a very slick spot on the sidewalk. Not to mention tree limbs hanging down into the trail or over sidewalks. And like Mr. Siefker noted, trying to cross bigger roads is very difficult.

Our city needs to look into this situation ASAP. Here we are wanting to grow the city, but we are not even keeping up with what we already have. Please, Mayor Mark Myers and city officials, look into this matter. I have been to several other cities and noticed they have done a very good job of creating a walking system.

Maybe we should look at other cities and copy some of the things that they’re doing right. Let’s have a trail system that actually makes sense.

Jeff Cummings