Stray bullet hits camper

A stray bullet from recreational shooting broke the window of a camper on a neighboring property in Morgantown.

A couple called the police at 5 p.m. Saturday after they heard shooting from a neighbor’s property in the 7900 block of W. County Road 600S.

A bullet hit the front of the camper and broke a window. The officer also discovered a hole in a plastic window shade, according to a report from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

The officer collected the bullet, which likely came from a 9 MM or 40 caliber handgun, the report said.

Renters of the neighboring property allowed guests to shoot guns during a party. No backstop was in place to stop stray bullets, according to the report.

The renters were cited for a county ordinance violation and the report was forwarded to the Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office for review, the report said.

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Magen Kritsch is an editorial assistant at the Daily Journal. She can be reached at or 317-736-2770.