Highlights of summer: when lights highlight the sky

I’m writing this at my brother’s house sitting at a picnic table, watching his neighbor’s adult son make final preparations for their personal fireworks display in a large horse pasture.

It was a full day of swimming, playing a few competitive Candy Land games with my three nephews after a sleepover and taking a walk in Independence Park.

The big kids are riding four-wheelers in the back.

With family gathered for the festivities, I took advantage and asked the big question that looms on a lazy Fourth of July summer day: “What has been a highlight of your summer?”

Frank Hommel said, “Working in my garden.”

Grace Hommel Wood, 15: “Vacationing in Seagrove Beach, Florida and paddle-boarding.”

Raegan Hommel, 11: “Attending my first Hosta Convention, going to the Center Grove Cheerleading Camp and tonight — riding four-wheelers with my cousins and watching fireworks.”

Eli Hommel, 10: “Playing Tap-Sports Baseball 17 on my tablet, having my friend Nate over and going to the Greenwood Freedom Festival Parade. Also finding out my mom has to have one Coke everyday.”

Isaac Hommel, 8: “Having a sleepover at Aunt Janet’s, hitting the game-winning run in the playoff Game 1 and going to the theater to see ‘Despicable Me 3.’”

Nev Hommel, 13: “Reading (she’s read about 30 books so far), riding my four-wheeler and going to Lamb Lake with my friend Paige and tubing.”

Alexandria: “Spending time with my family.”

Drew, 5, after much contemplation: “I learned how to ride my four-wheeler.”

The firework display was professional quality and length — and enjoyable to watch with a rousing round of applause to show our appreciation.

It is now after midnight and the quiet sounds of summer have returned. Technically, we still have 76 days of summer to enjoy. What has been a highlight of your summer?