To the editor

George Allen (“Columnist continues attack on Trump,” June 27), Johnson County’s self-appointed Keeper of the Flame of Conservatism, has his roller and spray cans out again, giving the Journal as many coats of black and white as it takes until it conforms to his narrow world view.

His target again is Dan Thomasson and others in the “destroy-Trump media.” Mr. Allen’s first layer questions Mr. Thomasson’s second sentence in his June 19 “bombast:” “Americans … managed to choose a chief executive who not only isn’t suited for the job but who has no concept of its limits” (of course, I do wonder if Allen bothered to finish the article).

Allen’s first point, “what qualifies Thomasson to make such a judgement,” is easy to answer: empirical evidence. But more on that in a moment. The second point, “where was his Democrat jury when an arguably unsuited community organizer took the same office nearly nine years ago, then clearly demonstrated his lack of respect for limits to his presidency?”

Speaking on Mr. Thomasson’s behalf, I assume he and the jury of 60 percent (Gallup June 2009) were sitting comfortably somewhere relieved by the fact that this community organizer, former U.S. Senator, former three-term member of the Illinois Senate, former editor of the Harvard Law Review and Constitutional scholar was saving the world from economic collapse. (Note: Trump’s high point according to Gallup was 45 percent the week of the inauguration … those were the days.)

If by “lack of respect” Mr. Allen is referring to President Barack Obama’s 276 executive orders issued while facing an obstructionist opposition whose top priority was making sure his tenure was limited to one term, he should remember that number is fewer than 15 of his predecessors including four of the previous five.

But that takes us back to that tricky empirical evidence I mentioned. Trump is the only man ever elected to the presidency without any previous governmental experience (if you don’t include appearing in federal court on charges of discrimination as government experience).

As to not having concepts of its limits, I would use the number of times his aides, cronies and sycophants trot out the excuse “he’s not a politician, he’s learning” to cover his most recent gaff or misstep (read: self-inflicted wound).

Mr. Allen has the right to bash the press to his heart’s content, but I offer him two things to consider: No. 1 the press, and by expansion all media, is the only industry expressly protected by the Constitution, and No. 2, consider expanding your thinking and your color palette. You’ll find it makes you and the world around you more colorful, if not more interesting.

Ron Ping