To the editor:

June 19’s “Another Viewpoint” column (“Where’s apology for assaulting journalist?”) is such a common example of why we don’t trust journalism anymore. The headline has nothing to do with the content!

When I first read the headline, “Where’s Apology for Assaulting Journalist?” I thought the author must surely be the only person who hadn’t seen or heard it. It was all over the media. Reading the editorial itself, I saw that it contained not only the entire long apology, but the acceptance of the apology by the reporter (for the British Guardian News — what do they care about Montana politics?) But true to form, the viewpoint (from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) couldn’t resist a negative headline about a Republican. That sure doesn’t make them the Lone Ranger.

Next to that article was another Trump-hating piece by Dan Thomasson with the snarky headline, “Did American voters expect something else?” (Apparently enough of us didn’t.) Thomasson stated in part that “…Comey should have laid down the law and reminded Trump that the FBI is a wholly independent entity.” Really? How’s that working out for him?

I really did enjoy both articles — always interested in what the losing side is still fretting over.

Judy Coleman