Whiteland opens enrollment at high school

Whiteland Community High School is opening enrollment to students who live outside of the school district.

The high school is the only one within Clark-Pleasant schools that has the space to take in students from other school districts, school officials said.

Open enrollment started this week and will last until July 14, school board member Curtis Harris said. Students going into grades nine, 10 and 11 are eligible.

Other schools in the county allow students to transfer, and Clark-Pleasant has gotten requests from families who live outside the school district to allow children to come to Whiteland Community High School in the past, he said.

Parents have told school officials they decided to move to other areas of the county to seek higher end housing than what is available within Clark-Pleasant’s boundaries, and officials wanted to give them the option to remain at the high school if there is space, Superintendent Patrick Spray said.

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