Police: Man arrested with counterfeit money

A traffic stop in Franklin also found $450 in counterfeit bills.

Around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, an officer stopped a vehicle driven by Timothy Coffee, 32, 2150 S. Garfield Drive, Indianapolis, for following a semi on Interstate 65 too closely, a report said. During the traffic stop, the officer learned that Coffee was a habitual traffic violator.

When another officer arrived, he noticed Coffee had money balled up in his hand. Because of the blurred printing on the bills, the officer suspected they were counterfeit, according to the Franklin Police Department report.

The officer found $1,158 in cash on Coffee, and verified with a Franklin bank that $450 of the bills were counterfeit, the report said.

Coffee was arrested and taken to the Johnson County jail, where he was held on $4,800 bond. His bond was doubled because he was already out on bond after a previous arrest for a habitual traffic violation.