Letter: Time to move away from rhetoric

To the editor:

In response to the letter from Bob Bauer on June 17 (“Trump still not proven to be good president”) I would like to take issue with some of his rhetoric. President Trump isn’t perfect, none of us are, but I believe the president is doing or trying to do the things he promised, and these are mostly the right things for America.

However, the climate issue is a problem, and I believe that when more than 90 percent of the scientists and large numbers of doctors say it needs to be addressed, they are correct and their knowledge means more to me than that of any politician.

The president pulled out of the Paris accords to get the support of his party. It should be an American thing instead of a Democrat or Republican thing in this country. On the military issue, with North Korea and Iran developing nuclear weapons and Russia lurking in the wings, we must invest to keep ahead of it all or else.

We have very little outside support like what we have given to other countries. Also now, after the shooting of a politician on the ball field, it’s obvious all the hate speech against the president, all the hate marches in the street in major cities and all the hate signs, internet blogs and etc. are stirring up the few who are willing to try to kill to satisfy their beliefs.

How could Nancy Pelosi come on TV and deny that?

One more thing — of course both sides of an issue should be allowed to be presented at colleges and universities. The overwhelming number of teachers should start looking at both sides also instead of taking such a liberal line to beat into the students’ heads.

Forrest Chambers

White River Township