Police: Shots fired into home

Report: Bullet strikes nightstand near sleeping resident in Needham area

A dispute over the sale of a car may have led to a shooting where multiple bullets were fired into a home on Rocklane Road, police said.

One of the bullets struck a nightstand, next to where a resident was sleeping. Police also found multiple bullet holes in the front door and the ceiling of the front room.

Police are now investigating what may have led to the shooting that happened about 3 a.m. Thursday at the home in the Needham area.

They are also looking for a relative who used to stay at the home. Family members said the woman had sold a car, taken it back and then sold it again shortly before the shooting happened, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office report said.

Police found a total of nine bullet holes in the front of the home and seven shell casings outside.

A man, woman and their 10-year-old granddaughter were all asleep when the shooting happened. The man had a relative call police after hearing the shots and something hitting the front of the home so he wouldn’t be on the phone if the shooters were still outside, the report said. The woman and her granddaughter were asleep in a bedroom of the home. A bullet struck the nightstand and the ceiling of that room, the report said.

The residents told police a family member who had stayed with them in the past had been kicked out due to drug use, and was now staying at a motel in Indianapolis. They said the woman told another relative she had recently sold her father’s car for $500, found the vehicle with the title in it and used a spare key she had to take it, and then sold it again for $350, the report said.

The residents did not know who the relative sold the car to, but were concerned about what would happen after they learned she had taken it back and sold it again, the report said.

Police were looking for the woman Thursday, Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox said.

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