Marriage Licenses – June 23

Marriage licenses

Sarah Wilson and Mark Zieles, both of Greenwood

Tyler Garrett and Kelsey Kopie, both of Greenwood

Ian Gjertson and Nicole Mithoefer, both of Greenwood

Amy Siegel and Joshua Flynn, both of Greenwood

Morissa Moore and Christopher Meehan, both of Franklin

Kathryn Smiley of Greenwood and Jimmy Linn of Indianapolis

Lisa Ohnstad of Greenwood and Marcus Garrison of New Whiteland

Marissa Clifford of Greenwood and Joel Bustin of Bloomington

Raymond McMaster and Jordyn Kramer, both of Greenwood

John Schaefer and Heather Bruce, both of Greenwood

Joshua Wheeler and Shannon Disalvo, both of Greenwood

Danielle Church and Justin Burris, both of Greenwood

Dustin Tays and Diem Lammers, both of Franklin

Susie Sanders and Edward Kean, both of Trafalgar

Lillien Burris of Greenwood and David Yoho of Indianapolis

Matthew Clark and Macie Miller, both of Greenwood

Caleb Dean of Greenwood and Chelsea Watters of Daleville

Robert Grass and Sabrina Smith, both of Franklin

Rebecca Maslowski and Ryan Secord, both of Greenwood

Jennifer Brandzel and Aaron Marr, both of Franklin

Rosa Gidden and Mark Cowan, both of Franklin

Nicholas Frost and Paige Williams, both of Greenwood

Briana Featherston of Greenwood and Matthew Toth of Edinburgh