Independence Park in Greenwood was vandalized for a fourth time in two years, causing some playground equipment to be unusable.

In the last two years, vandals cut off the rubber mallets that are attached to the xylophone that is part of the music-themed playground three times. Last week, vandals damaged the xylophone by snipping the wires that hold the keys in place.

Independence Park is Indiana’s first all-accessible playground in the Center Grove area off Morgantown Road. The park offers a wheelchair accessible trail and basketball court, and the instrument-themed playground, which consists of hand-tuned, outdoor instruments that can be played by children of all abilities.

“It is frustrating because people travel from quite a bit of distance to come to that playground specifically and if they get there to see it is damaged, well, that’s a bummer,” Johnson County Parks superintendent Megan Bowman said.

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Bowman asks park goers to contact police about any suspicious activity.