To the editor:

Recent columns from John Krull, David Carlson and Craig Ladwig have prompted me to respond to George Allen’s latest rant (June 7, “Franklin College must not like Trump”) about liberalism gone amuck (as he would likely describe it).

First of all, Krull and Carlson’s columns without a doubt espouse liberal philosophy. I would guess they wear that label proudly, as do I. Today’s liberals sound an awful lot like the conservatives of bygone days before the rise of the ultra right wing Republican party. However, Mr. Allen seems to have gotten his wish fulfilled with the Ladwig column on June 7 (“Former governor in the land of fools”).

Ladwig had me right up until he stated that American freedom and prosperity arose from “white English speaking men” and ended with the suggestion that campus violence against conservative speakers would be celebrated by the Democratic National Committee and directors of corporate media.

I think that most liberals would agree that college students should be exposed to both sides of the arguments and let them learn to analyze and judge based on merit instead of refusing to hear opinions different from their own. I also doubt that the DNC or corporate media support violence.

As for the white English speaking men comment: Yes white English-speaking men were the founding fathers. At that time slavery was legal, women had no rights and witches were burnt at the stake. I hope we have evolved since then.

I for one will continue to criticize our president because I think he just is as bad as he promised he would be. One air strike in Syria does not make him presidential. Stealing one Supreme Court justice pick isn’t much of an accomplishment either.

How about his support of the new healthcare law pushed by Paul Ryan and the clown car full of right-wingers? Is it good to push 22 million off of insurance in 10 years as projected?

His budget? Blows up the deficit even more to pad the pockets of his corporate fat cat buddies at the expense of the poor. But it includes money for the “wall” and increasing military spending even though we outspend every other country combined.

Climate change. Trump pulled out of the Paris accords even though the world climate is close to the tipping point where total disaster will be inevitable and small disasters are occurring right now.

His travel ban? The wall? Racist, fear mongering and wasteful.

Nope. Don’t want this for my country.

Bob Bauer