Letter: Meijer branches out in grand opening

To the editor:

A big warm welcome to Franklin’s newest neighbor: Meijer located at U.S. 31 and Commerce Drive.

I am amazed at the number of trees Meijer planted at its new location. I have not counted every tree, but estimate there are easily more than 400 trees. Meijer could have chosen to forgo the added expense like so many other big box retailers, but instead created a more aesthetically pleasing tree-filled site.

My hats off to the Meijer Corp. for its demonstrated dedication to the local community and the environment. They have made the busy strip mall lined U.S. 31 a less ordinary thoroughfare. We all know the benefits trees deliver — an increase in carbon dioxide absorption and a release of oxygen resulting in cleaner air for Franklin residents.

Meijer’s goodwill has not gone unnoticed and I encourage other corporate community partners to adopt the Meijer model.

Thomas Genter