Police warn about string of thefts from vehicles

Residents are being asked to be alert and call police about anything suspicious after a string of thefts from vehicles.

Several thefts from cars were reported over several nights in the Rocklane area in the northeast part of Johnson County, Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox said.

A purse with cash, gift cards and identification cards was stolen from one car overnight Wednesday after a window was broken. The purse was found by a neighbor, but the money and gift cards were missing. Change was stolen from two unlocked cars at a nearby home that same night, sheriff’s office reports said.

In the last two weeks, four other cars were broken into in that same area, and thieves took cash, a laptop, a gun and chainsaws.

One homeowner in the area later told deputies that he had heard and seen someone around his vehicles late at night, but didn’t want to bother the sheriff’s office with a call, Cox said.

Residents shouldn’t hesitate to call the sheriff’s office anytime if they see or hear something suspicious, he said.

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