Marriage Licenses – June 9

Marriage licenses

Tonya Cox and Bradley Umbarger, both of Bargersville

Brett Vandeventer and Christina Wilson, both of Franklin

John Nystrom of Greenwood and Kristy Donley of Indianapolis

Stetson Leach and Jena Palazzolo, both of Greenwood

Joshua Lahne and Megan Mathias, both of Greenwood

Ryan Dillman and Carrie Bash, both of Greenwood

Ryan Tidwell and Brittany Compton, both of Franklin

Michael East of Greenwood and Barbara Laue of Indianapolis

Samuel Wilson and Jennifer Curtis, both of Greenwood

John Stull II of Bargersville and Debra Hart of Muncie

Daniel Dunn and Amanda Dodd, both of Franklin

Michael Bischoff and Morgan Zuchristian, both of Greenwood

Ciara Urshan and Jon Sertich, both of Greenwood

Jared Hunt of New Whiteland and Brittany Vance of Greenwood

Nicholas Chapman and Lauryn McCalip, both of Franklin

Charles Myers and Lisa Sumner, both of Greenwood

Jessica Stoneking and William Helweg, both of Greenwood

Lydia Chastain and Andrew Robison, both of Bargersville

Daniel Hill of Cincinnati, Ohio and Katelyn Warner of Greenwood

Gary Cunningham and Jeannine Cunningham, both of Greenwood

Matthew Young and Chelsie Quade, both of Greenwood

Shelbie Ray and Austin Johnson, both of Trafalgar