Letter: Public needs details of Hollingsworth’s plans

To the editor:

In his op-ed of May 27 (“Hoosiers demanded fiscal responsibility,”) our 9th district state representative, Trey Hollingsworth, tells us what he’s against, but not really what he is for. He communicates using vague generalities, standard conservative boilerplate and no specifics.

Ask a room full of people “Who wants to reduce government spending, while improving defense, healthcare, public education and national security?” Everyone will raise their hand. It’s in the details and specifics that fault lines appear.

And what voters are hungry for is those details and specifics. We want to know how Hollingsworth plans to address those divides.

An op-ed is a positive step, but op-eds can be ghost-written. They offer no opportunity for voters to give input, or to measure the character, intellect and temperament of the person they have elected.

Five months into his two-year term, Mr. Hollingsworth has appeared in only one town hall forum. Most of us still know him only from his family-funded campaign ads. Mr. Hollingsworth, please, step out from behind the curtain.

Norma Blake