Letter: Lack of leadership at top leaves America vulnerable

To the editor:

Dear David (Carlson),

Thank you for your masterful satirical article in the Daily Journal on May 23 (“Trump continues to learn from a master”). Thank you for having the courage to say what needed to be said. We appreciate your understanding of Democracy and how the present situation is dangerous to our democratic form of government.

We understand that the best teaching tool is satire — it will be read. We agree that we are not being led as a nation by a well-informed leader. We are being led by a person who is not a “thinker,” and who is ego-centered and, as long as he is being recognized by media and others he does not seem to understand and/or care where we are going as a nation.

We are being led by a person who makes news by criticizing previous leaders and anyone who disagrees with him.

The result of this lack of good leadership will, we believe, cause us to be put in a situation which could lead us as Americans to a terrible war.

Paul McClure



Dorothy Gerner