Letter: Congressman undeserving of being called a Hoosier

To the editor:

Trey Hollingsworth’s sanctimonious piece in the May 27 Daily Journal “The people have spoken” made my blood boil. In it he calls us his “fellow Hoosiers” and brags that, although a freshman Congressman, he is standing up against all that is bad in Washington, including his own party. Balderdash!

Hollingsworth does not deserve to call me a fellow Hoosier. He is a transplanted southerner who only moved to Indiana in order to gain public office. One wonders why he didn’t seek office in his home state.

It is the tragedy of modern American politics that money can buy any office. Hollingsworth won office because his wealthy father reached deep into his own pockets to provide money for a tsunami media blitz in his favor.

As to why Hollingsworth came to Indiana to seek election, I can only conclude it is because he knew that so many Hoosiers are ancestral voters: they vote Republican because dad did, gramps did, great gramps did … I have no respect at all for the people who automatically reach for the straight Republican button in the voting booth, thereby often electing people less qualified than others running on a different ticket.

If affairs at the statehouse over the past couple of years haven’t wised Hoosier up to the problems associated with single party rule, I don’t know what will.

So, Mr. Hollingsworth, you were able to buy your way into our state’s political system, but please refrain from calling yourself my fellow Hoosier. As a carpetbagger in my state you haven’t yet earned that right.

Jim Curry