To the editor:

OMG; a third Trump thumper at Franklin College. Isn’t there a single conservative writer at that institution of “PC” learning? To date, we’ve suffered the opinions of two professors; and now, one of their trustees. Who’s next?

There’s nary a nod in the direction of support for our nation’s elected leader.

“… we have begun to expect a mangling of management and outrageous contradictions in the few months he has been in the Oval Office, including the arrogance he displays in nearly every decision, including the mess he and the Republicans have brought to the judiciary. The incompetence in the presidency from the top down is utterly astounding but hardly unanticipated.”

One gets the idea Thomasson really doesn’t like our nation’s president.

Give me a break. No, give President Trump a break. Trustee Thomasson, don’t you think it bold and telling for him to respond with military might to Syria’s use of chemical weapons against women and children in that war-torn country? I certainly do.

And cancelling most of his predecessor’s self-serving executive orders? That’s music to the ears of a large and varied group of the voter citizenry. Including me.

How ’bout that new justice on the U.S. Supreme Court? Only a blatant left-wing liberal could be disappointed in that fulfillment of a campaign pledge.

No, all we’re seeing here, in the words of Franklin College’s Carlson, Krull and now Thomasson, is a continuation of the Democrat party’s ongoing, very public campaign of civil revenge against the individual and party that handed them their biggest electoral defeat in decades! And what’s worse, they simply don’t seem to know when to stop, to frankly, GET OVER IT!

George Allen