Letter: Trump haters filling paper’s opinion pages

To the editor:

Two days in a row, the Daily Journal showcases on its Opinion page errant musings of Democrat revenge campaigners Dan Thomasson, John Krull and now, David Carlson. Gimmee — no, give us all — a break from these futile, ongoing academese writings, clearly intended to foment hate and discontent towards our President Trump.

This time around? In the guise of a “Dear Mr. Putin” letter, Carlson berates the Soviet leader and pleads “… please give me my country back.” Hmm. Let’s turn the tables on Carlson, et. al. for a few moments and paragraphs ….

Dear Mr. Carlson:

“Please give me my country back.” (Carlson) Well David, that’s what President Trump has been doing since his inauguration! I realize you don’t see it that way, but those who elected him to office certainly do! No more ‘Obama change’ to our society and culture, no more redistribution of wealth, and end to the troublesome policies of his predecessor.

“We actually like the suspense of wondering whom Americans will elect into office.” (Carlson) Really? Sure you do, as long as the candidate and winner is a Democrat! Must kill you to live in Johnson Country, where local offices generally feature Republican candidates, and Democrats fear to tread.

As a related aside, let’s not overlook the ongoing turmoil associated with Democrat’s public revenge campaign against President Trump. Don’t Democrats see the self-defeating nature of their actions? As a columnist recently opined in another newspaper, “Hoax (i.e. graffiti at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom by its alternative lifestyle organist), hate crimes undermine left’s agenda.” They sure do.

“Despite Donald’s rage, Americans will continue to resist with massive protests in the streets.” (Carlson) How ’bout this turnabout? “Despite Democrat’s rage, true Americans will continue to support their duly elected President!” And you’re welcome to do so as well.

And finally, “The day is near when we will flush your unwelcome influence out of our system. But cheer up, Assad will still love you.” (Carlson)

How choice a word selection there. Fairly shouts this rejoinder: “The day is near when we will flush your unwelcome influence out of our system. But cheer up. Your Democrat leaders will still love you.” Amen to that.

George Allen