Letter: God’s plan provides answer in abortion debate

To the editor:

At what point do we question God?

Although bringing God into the pro-life/abortion rights argument seems unfortunately contentious these days, I would like to pose a simple argument that once seemed widely acceptable.

Given that the majority of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other religious believers at least profess to believe that God is the author of human life, it would seem to follow that God alone decides which unique sperm/egg combination determines that unique human life for which God has a plan.

Accepting that argument then leads to a key question: On what basis do we humans — citing what we feel to be honest and “logical” human arguments — question God’s judgment and decide to end that life somewhere between conception and birth?

One could cite any number of lives that may never have existed had these “logical” human arguments prevailed. My own list might include Helen Keller, Beethoven, Lincoln, etc. However, I’m sure most of us could easily add to that list.

David A. Nealy