Letter: Reader frustrated with columnists in newspaper

To the editor:

If the Daily Journal is going to continue publishing unabashedly liberal, progressive views of David Carlson and John Krull (“Trump, supporters aren’t conservative,” May 15), at least have the decency to ensure a balanced editorial stance, by recruiting and publishing observations and opinions penned by a bona fide conservative, someone living here in Johnson County.

No, I’m not looking for the job, but like other readers of the Daily Journal, I’m frustrated at the newspaper’s lack of balance today.

John Krull. Isn’t this the Franklin College professor and director of their school of journalism who, a scant couple months ago, publicly advocated — right here in these pages — the U.S. would be better served with “Two presidents are better than 1: The case for a bipartisan executive” (He used this title of former Indiana representative David Orentlicher’s 2013 book as his shill)? Sure is. And here he goes again….

Where and how Krull runs afoul of common sense and (Trump) public opinion, in the most recent column:

• “Donald Trump is not a conservative.” Sure he is! He’s already reduced the number of illegal aliens slipping into the U.S; ensured the U.S. Supreme Court will have a conservative bent going forward; leads the effort to repeal and replace burdensome, failing Obamacare; and most important, has already canceled many of the previous president’s executive orders. Bottom line? He’s restored democracy and fair play to our culture, ending this nation’s slide into socialism a la Obama.

• “He’s not draining the swamp.” Sure he is! This is one presidential task that will not be accomplished overnight, but in time should be (Let’s hope so, anyway). There are so many entrenched politicians, from both political parties, in Washington, DC. (Great reason for term limits!) who fear any change to their grasp on power structure, hence resistance to drain the swamp.

• “Now he’s fired the FBI director….” Good for Trump! Frankly, I find it amusing to watch Democrats squirm over this, and other decisions they abhor. After all, given the “Hillary matter” a few months ago, one would think Democrats would welcome Comey’s firing. But no; they’ve made their support for him, the latest manifestation of their ongoing civil revenge campaign against Trump.

• “This is a time of testing. Who will answer the call?” Trump is already doing so — by dint of his election in November. And he is doing so in spades, uprooting troubling past practices of the Democrat party and former president. And know what? I’d wager there are far more voters in Johnson Country agreeing with what I’ve penned here, than fall for the tripe (“anything worthless”) offered by Franklin professors in the pages of the Daily Journal.

Well, as I bring this “third in a series of letters to the editor” to a close, I reiterate my call for The Journal to recruit and publish a regular column by at least one conservative writer domiciled in Johnson County. And, that person does not have to be a professor at Franklin College; rather, a businessman or woman who has graduated from “the school of hard knocks,” and unlike the aforementioned columnists, “makes payroll” week after week after week.

Will be interesting to see how much of this letter gets into the Daily Journal. I already have a following of several dozen residents in Johnson County who’ve requested copies of my rebuttals to professors Carlson and Krull. And there’s one thing we’ve all already agreed upon, among ourselves, “Hey, Democrats, GET OVER IT! You lost the presidential election. You should be supporting President Trump, not be engaged in a campaign of civil revenge!”

George Allen