Marriage licenses – May 19

Michelle Smith and Dustin Harpring, both of Greenwood

Oyuki Lugo and Esteban Escoto, both of Greenwood

Rebecca Kasting and Angela Moore, both of Trafalgar

Sarah Hensley and Steven Adams, both of Greenwood

Wendy Sconce and Jeffrey Butler, both of Edinburgh

Tess Axe and Curtis Williams, both of Franklin

Chelsea Karamanos and Cory Compton, both of Greenwood

Megan Wells and Jeremy Haas, both of Greenwood

Jordan Trumble and Lauren Graham, both of Greenwood

James Sullivan of Indianapolis and Lisa Mills of  Greenwood

Tonia Nolen and Jarrod Greer, both of Greenwood

James Harris and Denise Harris, both of Greenwood

Phyllis Leedy and Roderick Leedy, both of Franklin

Shirley Rohnke of Indianapolis and Brad Hansen of Franklin

Amanda Amick and Thomas Strohl, both of Greenwood

Kristy Quayle of Noblesville and Randall Petering of Greenwood

Joshua Britten of Greenwood and Alaina Jarrett of Indianapolis

Mark Ballestero and Sharon Hibbs, both of Franklin

Morgan Welsh and Jeremy Abney, both of Greenwood

Traci Hahn of Greenwood and Anthony Mancini of Indianapolis

Argentina Broussard and Joshua Burgess, both of Greenwood