Letter: Health Care bill shows lack of integrity

To the editor:

The House Health Care Act shows in living color the lack of integrity of conservative Republicans to provide responsible government for the people.

Ignoring critical details, finances and impacts on human lives, they focused on the smoke and mirrors of political posturing. The only real celebration is behind the scenes -– the victory of big money and its propaganda machine in high-jacking the presidency and a majority of our legislators.

A large segment of working Americans are still being conned and have not yet awakened to the class warfare being waged against Americans who have to work for a living, children, seniors and the poor. As Warren Buffet so keenly observed, “There’s class warfare all right, … the rich class that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

The strategy is older than history, spread a thin layer of crumbs for the ordinary people to feed on, then give away billions to each other and wealthy colleagues. To enhance the con, they wrap it in the flag and promises of security and prosperity.

Until we get rid of big money in politics and the Supreme Court, I see little hope for ordinary Americans. I pray every day for some way God can guide us to survive and find an exit from this national and international nightmare.

Meanwhile, I will try to continue to stand on the corner and yell, “Horse manure” as the con artists keep parading by.

Donald A. Smith