Semi hits pole in downtown Franklin

Semis are continuing to ignore Franklin’s many signs and a giant flashing arrow telling them to stay out of downtown, and this week another truck caused damage when it tried to do a U-turn on Jefferson Street.

A business on Jefferson Street saw the semi hit a lightpole and called police when the driver didn’t stop, a Franklin police report said. The accident happened about 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Franklin Mayor Steve Barnett has asked the police department to make it a priority to stop semis that ignore the truck route and try to come through downtown, unless they are making a local delivery.

The semi had driven westbound on Jefferson Street into downtown, then tried to make a U-turn at Walnut Street, because Jefferson Street is closed for construction, the report said.

Police searched downtown for the semi, then found it heading north on U.S. 31. The driver told the officer that he ignored the truck route signs because he was following his GPS. The driver was given a $250 ticket for violating the city’s truck route and given a summons to appear in court for leaving the scene of an accident, the report said.